Friday, March 20, 2009

Time to relax

It is finally Friday! I have been waiting for this day all week! I also cant wait for my Dr. appt on April 15th. Thur morning I woke up to some bleeding. It was bright red and had a large clot so I figured it was AF and was actually happy that I had a cycle less than 80 days! the day went on nothing else happened, dry as the desert. WTF! So I changed that to spotting in FF instead of light and it gave me back my damn cycle.

No plans for the weekend except a nail appt tommorrow morning. I like not having plans. DH and I can go w/ the flow and do whatever we want. I do want to get to Old Navy and get in some retail therapy.

This is a pic of the gift we gave DH's pg sister. The pic was before I wrapped the celophane and added a pretty bow. As you can see she is having a girl, Mackenzie Rose. I do not like it but hey, not my choice!


Andrea and Jim said...

What a cute gift! Not a fan of that name either...

*Mandy* said...

That is such a cute gift!!!