Thursday, February 19, 2009

Starting over

I was more than enthused when AF actually came my way...finally after a 80 some odd day cycle, and I am even more thrilled to not be bleeding at all! Not even spotting! So today I started to temp again. I am hoping and praying I finally see that temp jump and some CH's after about 6 months of charting!!

The side effects are becoming more mild (knock on wood!). I can eat without running to the bathroom. It's nice to be able to go places with DH even if its just the grocery store. This weekend I am having a Pampered Chef show. It will be the first time any of my family has seen our cute little humble abode. I have tommorrow off to bring my lil pooch to the vet and to clean and get ready for company.

The whole being pg thing has been bothering me more lately. I am trying to keep my brave face on for DH but in reality everytime I see a little bundle of joy I wanna ball my eyes out. DH just keeps telling me "It will happen when its meant to happen." I wanna beleive that so bad but its just so hard to beleive. I feel like my time will never come!

But enough "whoa is me" shit....this is my last day of work this week and then another nice 3 day weekend with the hubby!

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